What Makes Us Different

Enhancing Private Wealth For Generations

Privately owned and independent, Bessemer Trust has served individuals and families of substantial wealth for more than a century. We bring clients comprehensive wealth planning, investment management, and family office services that help them achieve peace of mind for generations.

Trust underpins everything we do – from wealth management advice to safeguarding client assets with prudence and integrity. Our financial health fortifies our stability and reinforces our unwavering focus on doing what is right for clients.

Staying true to our responsibility as a trust company requires a strong financial foundation. Our financial condition is strong, characterized by high-quality assets, an appropriate level of liquidity, no debt, and minimal sensitivity to interest rate and currency risk.

Our Business Model Sustains Our Strength

  • We do not finance our business with debt.
  • We do not leverage our balance sheet for investment purposes or trade for our own account.
  • Assets on our balance sheet are reported at their fair value.
  • We do not underwrite securities or make commercial or mortgage loans.
  • Our investment portfolios are available only to our clients. We do not sell our investment portfolios through third parties.
  • Owners’, employees’, and clients’ assets are safeguarded side by side under the same custodian arrangement.
  • We do not lend client securities.


Clients First. Always.

Our singular focus on private wealth management allows us to deliver deep expertise. As a fiduciary, we are required by law to uphold certain standards when providing advice and services to clients. This means that we must act in the best interests of our clients by putting their interests at the forefront of everything we do.

owner since inception
Demonstrated continuity and commitment
years serving clients and their families
Deep and broad experience
10-year client asset retention rate
Stability and sustainability