Trust and Estate Planning

Trust and Estate Planning Expertise

Estate planning offers the opportunity to craft a legacy — to ensure our wealth gets to the people and organizations we care about, protect our families, reduce taxes, and pass down our values. It can also help with planning for retirement or periods of incapacity.

Our long experience has taught us to take a comprehensive and holistic approach to estate planning. Our accomplished professionals, all of whom are former practicing trust and estate attorneys, can work with you and your legal advisors on all aspects of estate planning, including helping to prepare the next generations to serve as stewards of the family wealth. Our ultimate goal is to help you craft a comprehensive and current estate plan that meets your needs today — and for generations to come.

Trust and Estate Planning Overview

Why Create (and Maintain) an Estate Plan?

Ensure Your Wishes Are Respected

Choose who controls your estate and who will receive your assets — and how and when they will receive them.

Protect Your Beneficiaries

Use trusts to protect beneficiaries from creditors, spendthrift behavior, and claims by ex-spouses and others.

Minimize Taxes

Minimize transfer (estate, gift, and generation-skipping) taxes and manage the cost basis of assets, increasing the wealth available for your beneficiaries.

Ease Your Family’s Burden

Minimize administrative tasks, court costs, and legal fees.

Pass Down Family Values

Include your wishes for passing down your values and traditions.

Maintain Your Lifestyle

Structure your plan to maintain your current lifestyle and ensure your future financial security.