Wealth planning A fully collaborative approach

Getting to know you personally plays an essential role in how our wealth planning experts address your needs. They become familiar with you and your life, not just your financial assets, and draw on more than a century of experience to offer you the best solutions for your situation.


trusts for which we serve as trustee or co-trustee

Planning for wealth transfer

We can help you put all of the arrangements in place to transfer your wealth according to your wishes, at appropriate times in your beneficiaries’ lives, and in the most effective and tax-efficient way. We can help foster communication among family members and provide the expertise necessary for ongoing management of assets such as a family business or vacation home.

Managing taxes and risk

Beyond helping you grow your wealth through investing, our goal is to help protect it through judicious tax and risk management. Your team can conduct a thorough review to reveal your risk exposure, determining whether you’re making the most of tax opportunities and insurance strategies.

Preparing the next generation

We are here to help you prepare your family, from developing a customized education program about being responsible wealth stewards to helping articulate your family’s unique story and the values you’d like to transfer along with your wealth.

Planning for charitable giving

You may feel strongly about supporting causes you care about. Our specialists can help you define and pursue your philanthropic goals with a strategy that best suits your needs.