Investment management Advice and solutions for irreplaceable wealth

More than money, your wealth is a reflection of a life’s work and the foundation for everything you and your family have yet to do. Your Bessemer team, including seasoned investment specialists, offers comprehensive, customized solutions to help you preserve and grow this irreplaceable wealth.


10-year client asset retention rate

A customized portfolio

Your portfolio will reflect our best thinking on markets and your team’s understanding of your needs in the context of your life. Your Bessemer team pursues appropriate returns for you through a range of innovative investment strategies that can include internal and external managers, active and passive strategies, and alternative investments. Our size allows us to offer a full range of investment opportunities while remaining nimble on security selection, portfolio construction, and asset allocation decisions for each client. We can take into account your entire portfolio — wherever the assets are held.

Exclusive access, strong conviction

Bessemer’s investment portfolios are available only to our clients and employees. Our portfolio managers are compensated in part based on long-term, risk-adjusted performance, so they’re free to take positions that may run counter to conventional thinking. And they have the opportunity to invest right alongside you, helping ensure they select for you only those investments in which they have the strongest conviction.

Managing a broad spectrum of assets

  • Large-, mid-, and small-cap stocks
  • Municipal and taxable bonds
  • Hedge funds
  • Private equity funds
  • Real estate holdings
  • Private companies
  • Energy holdings