Serving clients together

Providing private wealth management to individuals and families of significant wealth means we regularly work with the other trusted professionals who advise them, bringing our respective expertise to bear. These professionals frequently include attorneys, CPAs, real estate advisors, fine art consultants, entertainment managers, and venture capital bankers, among others.

We can collaborate closely on issues that require your skills in conjunction with ours, or complement your role by taking sole responsibility for certain aspects of a client relationship at your request. We’ll share your commitment to doing what’s best for our mutual clients and respect the relationship that you have forged.

How we can help your clients

Clients turn to us to manage all aspects of their financial life. You can take comfort knowing that we have the time, attention, and expertise to address every dimension of their wealth — now and for generations to come. We will treat their concerns as if they are our own.

Expert advice and personal service for every part of your financial life

Coordinating your financial life Family office services Investment management Wealth planning

Investment management

  • Investment strategy and research
  • Customized asset allocation
  • Internal and external portfolios
  • Asset advisory
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Wealth planning

  • Trust and estate
  • Tax and risk management
  • Family and next generation
  • Philanthropy
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Family office services

  • Custody and reporting
  • Private banking
  • Bill payment and accounting
  • Human resource services
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Peace of mind for you and your clients

Bessemer Trust is a leading multifamily office founded in 1907 to help a single family preserve and grow wealth. With more than $200B in assets under supervision and a 99% 10-year client asset retention rate, we oversee 3,000 client relationships. Our heritage and our structure ensure that we focus exclusively on what’s best for each of them.

Our principles

Our founding family is still our owner — and also our largest client. While our profitability is considered a sign of a healthy business, the family’s primary interest is how well we serve clients. We are built to last: clients don’t worry that we’ll be sold or merged.

Managing private wealth as a multifamily office is 100% of what we do: we have no distractions or competing priorities. After more than 117 years, we’ve helped clients overcome just about every challenge that can arise. We bring all of our combined experience to bear, tailored to your clients’ specific circumstances, goals, and wishes.

At Bessemer Trust, our focus is on long-term success — clients’ and the firm’s. The strategies, services, and investments we suggest are ones we believe in and invest in ourselves.

Our client teams are rewarded for client satisfaction rather than generating revenue. Their primary motivation is to give unbiased advice with clients’ best interests in mind. You and your clients can rest assured that as their lives evolve in predictable and unpredictable ways, our experienced staff and extensive offering will be available to them.


Making an introduction

If you would like to introduce a client to us, please contact one of our offices. We will treat any information you share with complete discretion. You can designate how involved you would like to be in our meetings or discussions with your client, and we will keep you apprised of the client's decision to join Bessemer.