Donor Advised Funds

A Simple, Tax-Efficient Way to Support Your Favorite Charities

Bessemer clients who want to advance their philanthropy have been increasingly attracted to the ease and simplicity of donor-advised funds. Bessemer Giving Fund, a donor-advised fund and IRS-approved public charity available to Bessemer clients exclusively, offers a flexible and tax-efficient approach to charitable giving.

How Does Bessemer Giving Fund Work?

When you establish a Bessemer Giving Fund account, you are essentially making an irrevocable contribution to a public charity. You can contribute many types of assets and possibly receive tax benefits for the charitable contribution. Bessemer Giving Fund will invest the donated funds for potential growth. You and others you select then make recommendations to give these funds to your favorite public charities.

If you are interested in learning more about the Bessemer Giving Fund or donor-advised funds in general, please contact your Bessemer Trust client advisor.