Family Wealth Stewardship

Creating Good Stewards

Successfully preparing the next generation to receive your family’s wealth is about more than having the right wealth transfer documents.

We all want our youngest family members — our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and other loved ones — to lead fulfilling and productive lives. If we have substantial wealth, we want them to become good stewards of that wealth. We want our wealth to help — not hinder — them in becoming responsible adults and achieving their goals.

At Bessemer Trust, our programs focus on educating the next generation, bringing families together to foster communication, and building effective family governance structures. Our family wealth stewardship specialists can help you and your family to develop a shared vision for your wealth, addressing your needs today and for generations to come.

Family Wealth Stewardship Overview

Preparing the Next Generation: Our Approach

Start Early

We take a long-term, incremental approach to next gen education, starting early with age-appropriate educational experiences.

Match the Approach to the Child

We achieve the most successful outcomes when we match our teaching strategy to the student’s learning style and interest level.

Foster Stewardship

We work with students to develop financial literacy as well as negotiating, conflict-resolution, and other skills that encourage a stewardship mindset.

Anticipate Just-in-Time Educational Opportunities

Particularly when it comes to personal finance, the most successful learning occurs when the student has an immediate real-world need for the knowledge.

Customize the Curriculum

We customize, refine, and evolve curriculums based on each family’s values, wealth structures, and feedback from the next generation, often leveraging technology to make the learning engaging and easily accessible.