Insights Real Estate Closings in the Current Environment

Apr 08, 2020
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  • Residential real estate sales and purchases — which generally require the direct interaction of numerous people — have become increasingly challenging given the impositionof social distancing and other restrictions in recent weeks.
  • The participants and the interactions they rely on to close real estate transactions are swiftly evolving to adapt to these rapidly changing circumstances.
  • In this piece, we discuss how real estate transactions can be impacted by current restrictions and point to some possible ways of accomplishing the necessary tasks — as well as other considerations involved.


About the Author

Andrew M. Feder
Head of Real Estate Advisory
In this role, Andrew is responsible for the asset management of real property investments held in trusts and estates and for providing clients with strategic guidance and due diligence assistance in real estate matters.

Mary Pat Moriarty
Real Estate Operations Associate
In this role, Mary is responsible for the coordination and administration of regulatory and policy compliance for the Real Estate Advisory group.