A closer look Liquidity Alternatives for Family Businesses

Bryant W. Seaman III

Sep 18, 2018

In Brief

  • For family business owners, balancing the capital requirements of the business with the personal wealth objectives of the family presents one of the great challenges to building and maintaining a family business legacy.
  • While negotiating trade-offs between company and family is never easy, the variety of available liquidity alternatives allows for a thoughtful approach tailored to the profitability of the company and the personal financial goals of the family business owners.
  • Holding the family business in a trust with a corporate trustee can help family business owners maintain a long-term perspective, prioritize goals, and choose the most appropriate liquidity alternative. 
  • In this A Closer Look, we survey the liquidity alternatives available to family business owners, focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of each and examples of business and family situations that can make one approach preferable to another.

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Bryant Seaman
Head of Private Asset Advisory
Bryant is responsible for the Family Company Advisory, Real Estate Management, and Oil & Gas Advisory.