A closer look Is a Family Office Right for You?

Mark A. Tremblay

Jan 07, 2019

In Brief

  • Many wealthy families use family offices to manage their financial lives. These can range from one person handling household administration to large full-service teams of investment and wealth planning professionals, with every conceivable combination of in-house and outsourced service functions in between.
  • Each family office approach offers different benefits and drawbacks, and the right decision for your family will depend upon careful consideration of costs, benefits, and the needs of your particular family.
  • In this A Closer Look, we explore the different family office structures and service options, the many considerations involved in setting up and running a family office, and ways of deciding whether a family office — or which type of family office — makes the most sense for your family.

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Tremblay Mark
Managing Director and Head of Family Office Management
Mark leads a specialized client service team that manages the operational and administrative complexities of wealth for large, single family offices outsourcing some or all functions.
Teresa L. Cannellos
Director of Family Office Management
Teresa is responsible for accounting, financial reporting, bill payment, and consolidated performance reporting for the firm’s family office services clients.