A closer look Finding Your Voice as a Next Gen Philanthropist

Caroline W. Hodkinson

Nov 17, 2021
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In Brief

  • As a younger philanthropist, you have the power to drive change. You and your peers are bringing new energy and ideas to philanthropy, doing things differently, and in many ways redefining what it means to give.
  • When it comes to family giving traditions in particular, you are inspiring values-based intergenerational conversations that are helping to clarify and highlight what the family believes in and stands for.
  • Yet establishing yourself as a philanthropist may be challenging, especially when it comes to balancing your own desires with longstanding family traditions.
  • You can get there by confronting your feelings about your wealth, defining the values and issues you care most about, continually learning, and engaging others to support you on your philanthropic journey.



Head of Philanthropic Advisory
Head of Family Wealth Stewardship