A closer look Family Dynamics and Philanthropy

Caroline W. Hodkinson

Nov 26, 2018

In Brief

  • Family philanthropy can be a rewarding and effective way to make a positive social impact, but family dynamics can often get in the way of the most well-meaning efforts.
  • A solid governance system improves communication and decision-making and ensures that all family members understand their roles and how they fit into their family’s philanthropic mission.
  • Good governance can also have a positive effect on family dynamics beyond the family’s philanthropic endeavors.

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Caroline Hodkinson
Director of Philanthropic Advisory
Caroline leads a team that works with clients in the areas of planning, grantmaking, governance, and family engagement, to create meaningful philanthropic impact.
Fiduciary Counsel
Jackie is responsible for working with clients and their advisors to develop practical and efficient wealth transfer plans, and for guiding the firm on fiduciary issues.
Director of Family Wealth Stewardship
Donna leads next generation initiatives, working directly with clients to customize financial education curriculums, design and facilitate multigenerational family meetings, and help families make decisions about shared assets.