Annual Report 2020

Trusted relationships gain importance in extraordinary times. Acting with purpose can make strong connections stronger.

Annual Report 2020

Connecting to what's meaningful

"Conversations with clients have become more personal, and we often find we're thinking about the same things. This shared experience has brought us closer together."

Jacque Jacobs
Client Advisor

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quote 1 illustration

Connecting to support each other

"We've grown closer, even when we've been apart. Everybody helps each other out. Bessemer is a family."

Sebastian España
Associate Mailroom Manager

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Highlights from our Chairman and CEO

Our thoughts have been with the entire Bessemer community throughout the coronavirus pandemic, as well as during wildfires, hurricanes, recession, market swings, widespread dialogue on equality, a political season marked by division and discord, and more.

The year’s many complexities prompted a need for more communication, more planning, more advice, and more execution. We worked even harder to live up to being your comprehensive, personal, and dependable partner. 

We have learned over time that our private ownership, singular business focus, sound financial condition, and culture of clients coming first take on even greater importance during difficult times. To us, it’s all about staying connected. Through good times and bad, our culture and focus can bring all of us closer together.

Thank you for your trust in us and your important role in our long-term success.

Stuart S. Janney, III

Marc D. Stern
Chief Executive Officer