A closer look Why You Should Review Your Family’s Asset Allocation Today

Patrick S. Boyle

Jul 23, 2019


  • Given the length of the economic expansion and the aging — and increasingly jittery — bull market, now is an ideal time to take a thorough financial inventory and review your asset allocation.
  • Aside from the financial markets’ inevitable changes, your family’s circumstances and goals are likely to change over time as well, so it is important to revisit your asset allocation and investment plan periodically to ensure they still make sense.
  • Along with an examination of your overall allocation, a thorough review should include an analysis of each account and broader objectives.

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Patrick Boyle
Southeast Region Head and Senior Investment Strategist
Patrick is responsible for Bessemer's client relationships in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Delaware, Philadelphia, and Naples.
James Kronenberg
Chief Fiduciary Counsel
Jim is responsible for the firm’s trust and estate department, including its trustee and executor services.