Insights Investing in the State of California

Bruce A. Whiteford

Jun 05, 2019


  • Fiscal prudence, governance reform, and retirement of internal debt have bolstered California’s financial resilience.
  • Looking ahead, careful monitoring is required — including the state’s financial management practices, the impact of recent/prospective federal policy initiatives, the pulse of the electorate, and the effect of climate change.
  • Bessemer seeks attractively valued California bonds in sectors that exhibit less correlation with the state/its credit quality.

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Bruce Whiteford
Portfolio Manager Municipal Bonds
Bruce is a member of the firm’s Investment Policy Strategy Committee, the Banking and Loan Committee, and the Employee Advisory Board.
Phyllis King
Municipal Bonds Credit Analyst
Phyllis King is responsible for approving and monitoring all municipal bonds purchased and held in the firm’s client accounts, as well as the mutual and common trust funds.