A smart, experienced, and dedicated team of professionals is ready to help you build a comprehensive wealth plan. (See how we integrate our teams.) Our advisory services include:

Stay in control of your wealth by establishing a clear plan for its preservation across generations. Our team of professionals — including lawyers, accountants, and trust specialists — can work closely with you and your personal attorney in the following areas:

Developing a comprehensive estate plan

  • Creating a lasting and cohesive legacy that reflects your goals and values
  • Mapping out how much to pass on and when
  • Reducing the erosion of wealth by implementing planning techniques designed to minimize taxes

Managing Trusts

  • Establishing inter vivos or testamentary trusts
  • Acting as trustee or co-trustee to assure reliable trust administration
  • Serving as corporate trustee of trusts that have direct investments in operating companies, real estate, or other private investments

Administering Estates

  • Serving as executor, co-executor, or personal
    representative to:
    • Carry out the wishes expressed in your Will in a timely, efficient manner
    • Protect and distribute your assets
    • Manage taxes
    • Administer your unique assets

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    Preserve a greater share of your wealth through sound tax planning. Our tax professionals will work together with you and your personal tax advisors to help uncover overlooked opportunities and develop cutting-edge strategies.

    We can help by:

    • Analyzing your tax situation and raising key issues
    • Recommending effective tax strategies
    • Providing timely information on tax law changes
    • Preparing Federal and state tax returns for:
      • Individuals
      • Corporations, partnerships, and LLCs
      • Trusts and foundations
      • Payrolls

    We can provide tax consulting on:

    • Assessing charitable giving strategies
    • Formulating AMT strategies
    • Analyzing executive compensation and benefits
    • Modeling stock options
    • Modeling the implications of various tax scenarios
    • Estimating future tax liabilities
    • Analyzing business succession plans
    • IRA beneficiary and distribution planning

    Create a lasting legacy by helping your family learn how to manage the responsibilities of wealth and, in the process, develop an appreciation of shared values. Drawing on our time-tested expertise, we can work closely with your family in the following areas:

    Organizing and Facilitating Family Gatherings

    • Developing practical and value-based goals
    • Creating agendas, conducting meetings, and following up

    Educating the Next Generation
    • Engaging younger family members in wealth management issues
    • Designing educational opportunities suited to your family's circumstances

    Learning from Your Peers
    • Organizing peer workshops on money management
    • Arranging intimate gatherings with other families who face common issues

    Meeting National Specialists
    • Learning from our specialists as well as national experts in areas such as family governance, children and money, succession, family dynamics, and volunteerism

    Creating a Family Mission Statement
    • Reflecting shared values in a blueprint for future generations to continue the family legacy

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    Avoid undue event risk. If a large holding is a major source of your family's wealth, we can provide advice on:

    • Analyzing, understanding, and managing the risk
    • Evaluating potential estate planning techniques
    • Considering an overall asset allocation that balances the risks of a concentrated holding
    • Customizing a hedging program to your specific needs
    • Pursuing diversification strategies

    We view hedging as a client service rather than a product area. This allows us to offer objective advice by:
    • Creating a strategy as opposed to merely executing a "trade"
    • Drawing on long-term relationships to gather an array of ideas and structures
    • Acting on your behalf rather than as a counter-party
    • Obtaining competitive prices when implementing any strategy

    Navigate the financial and strategic challenges of family business ownership. Our corporate finance specialists can serve as your trusted advisor. We can assist with developing strategic alternatives and financing options tailored to your family's unique circumstances by working closely with you in the following areas:

    Independent Valuation Analysis

    • What is my company really worth? In a private sale? In an IPO? Would a two-step monetization process add value?

    Objective Strategic Guidance
    • How is my company positioned in an increasingly competitive global business environment? What actions can I take to strengthen my company?

    Resolving Capital Constraints
    • How do I raise the equity and/or debt capital required by my company at the highest valuation and the lowest cost?

    Succession Planning
    • What steps should be taken to generate sufficient cash flow, address ownership issues equitably, and provide for a smooth transition to the next generation of leadership?

    Analysis of "Build versus Exit" Dilemma
    • Should I forge ahead with the family legacy or is now the most advantageous time to sell?

    We can work with you to enhance the family business legacy by providing an analytical framework of financial and strategic initiatives designed either to enhance the competitiveness of the business or to maximize its valuation if liquidity is desired.

    Protect your personal assets from loss. As part of your wealth plan, we can assist you with property and casualty insurance reviews.

    We offer assistance with:

    • Evaluating your exposure to accidental loss and liability
    • Analyzing existing insurance programs
    • Crafting tailored programs designed to optimize asset protection
    • Securing insurance through best-in-class independent brokers and insurers
    • Coordinating real and personal property appraisals
    • Working with insurers to develop custom loss prevention measures, such as fire or theft protection, which take into account your lifestyle

    We provide objective advice as we:
    • Exclusively represent you
    • Do not sell insurance products
    • Do not receive commissions or fees from insurers or brokers

    Over 600 charitable entities, representing nearly $3.6 billion in assets, depend on us for investment management and philanthropic advisory services. Because each client situation is unique, our philanthropic experts offer customized advice to clients in guiding them through the following giving strategies:

    Personal, direct giving is the most common approach for individuals to make donations. Our experts can assist clients by

    • Providing guidance on how to assess a major gift decision
    • Reviewing major gift or pledge agreements to ensure they satisfy the donor's goals
    • Offering suggestions about effective organizations and how to assess them

    A private foundation is often an effective and tax-efficient way to organize your philanthropy and develop a charitable legacy. Our advisors assist families by

    • Helping them develop a mission statement
    • Establishing investment policy guidelines
    • Providing administrative assistance and oversight
    • Advising on important rules such as self-dealing and conflict of interest

    A donor advised fund can make personal philanthropy easy, cost-effective, and tax-efficient. The advantages of this path include the following:

    • Receiving the maximum allowable tax deduction
    • Recommending grants at any time in the future while maintaining donor anonymity
    • Designating family members or others as successor advisors

    Real Estate

    Excel at all phases of real estate – acquiring, managing, and selling. Reflecting our extensive experience, we can offer advice on:

    • Property management throughout the U.S. (from homes and ranches to commercial properties)
    • Land planning and development (from ocean-front tracts to commercial sites to planned units)
    • Land management, including the creation of conservation easements and rural legacy programs
    • Advisory and consulting services in connection with proposed purchase and sale transactions
    • Formulating investment, tax, estate, and multi-generational strategies

    Oil, Gas, and Mineral Capabilities

    We provide integrated management, accounting, and advisory services for oil, gas, and mineral holdings throughout the U.S.

    • Land Management: Research holdings, assist with preparing and filing documents, and maintain ownership and lease records
    • Accounting and Financial Services: Offer a broad spectrum of services including bookkeeping, financial management, and tax reporting and preparation
    • Reporting: Provide detailed monthly or quarterly reports reflecting the income and expenses for each account

    Convenient and Competitive Banking

    • Letters of credit
    • Secured loans
    • Checking accounts
    • Wire transfers
    • Currency conversions
    • Banking introductions in the U.S. and abroad
    • Personal bill payment

    Custody Services
    For clients who employ multiple managers, or who self-direct a portion of their financial assets, we offer stand alone services that include:
    • Custody for all securities
    • Receipt and daily sweep of all dividends and interest
    • Disbursement of income or principal, as requested
    • Receipt and automatic reinvestment of cash from securities sales
    • Annual income tax summaries by account
    • Quarterly performance measurement

    Yachts and Aircraft
    We help you understand and assess your personal travel options including charter service, fractional ownership and full ownership.

    Club and Resort Memberships
    We help you and your family maximize vacation time and experience. We assist in evaluating the ever-increasing and complex club and resort travel programs.

    Concierge Services
    Services available to clients 24/7:

    • Last-minute reservations to exclusive restaurants
    • Prime seating to sold-out shows, concerts, and sporting events
    • Personal services, such as travel planning
    • Specialty gift selection