The experience to meet your
family’s complex needs.

We help you develop an integrated long-term wealth plan that considers multiple aspects of your life.

Developing an Investment Plan
Contemplating your financial future can be daunting — especially if you're thinking about the next 20 years or longer. What do you want to accomplish? Will all your needs be met? Read more
Defining Your Legacy
Ironically, the more wealth one accumulates, the more complicated life can become. Thoughtful planning can help ensure your wealth is a source of satisfaction and opportunity — for you and your family. Read more
Preparing the Next Generation
Raising children with the skills, knowledge, and motivation to be financially independent is a complex task for any parent, but wealthy families face a unique set of challenges. Read more
Engaging in Philanthropy
Charitable giving can be a source of immense personal satisfaction. The possibilities for doing good are limitless, yet it can be difficult to know where to begin or how to make the most of your charitable gifts. Read more
Managing a Family Business
There is an array of strategic alternatives, financing options, and liquidity events available to family business owners. How can you make the best decisions? What are the implications for the family legacy? Read more
Uncovering Tax-Planning Opportunities
Missed tax-saving opportunities can be costly. The challenge of minimizing taxes rests on deciphering the intricate tax code and developing appropriate strategies. Read more
Owning Property
Buying property is often a fulfillment of a dream — as well as an investment opportunity. There are challenges to doing it successfully, including when and how to enter and exit the market. Read more
Structuring and Protecting Assets
Naming the potential risks to your family and property can be uncomfortable. But not taking the steps necessary to minimize your exposure can prove more onerous in the end. Read more
Analyzing Concentrated Holdings
Large single-stock positions can be a powerful means of creating wealth, but without a proper strategy, they can also be a very risky way to maintain it. Read more
Accessing Hedge Funds & Private Equity
These challenging times call for caution, patience, and clear thinking. While not appropriate for all investors, professionally-managed hedge funds and private equity programs can be an important part of an overall balanced portfolio. Read more