August 15, 2016

Upcoming IRS Regulatory Projects (Including Section 2704 Proposed Regulations)

Treasury and IRS officials have recently discussed various IRS regulatory/guidance projects that will likely be issued this spring and summer. The projects include guidance regarding sections 2704, 2032(a), 2053, and 1022, and Revenue Procedure 2001-38, and charitable remainder annuity trusts....



Estate of Morrissette v. Commissioner, 146 T.C. No. 11 (April 13, 2016)

July 2016

This first court case addressing intergenerational split dollar life insurance held that the economic benefit regime applied under the split dollar regulations.


Estate Planning Current Developments and Hot Topics

June 2016


ACTEC 2016 Annual Meeting Musings

April 2016

Twelve seminars at the ACTEC 2016 Annual Meeting are summarized. Topics include: Current developments, changes in estate planning professional practices, assuring compliance with decedents’ wishes, household employee issues, tax penalties, urgent call issues, ACTEC Commentaries on Model Rules of Professional Conduct, trustee fees, charitable planning, retirement from professional practices, overview of various “acronym” strategies (GRAT, CLAT, QPRT, BDIT, BING, and sale to grantor trust) and interrupting unconscious bias.




Quarterly Investment Perspective: Keep On Truckin' (July 2015)

July 2015

In this edition, Chief Investment Officer Rebecca Patterson shines a light on one specific corner of the U.S. economy: trucking. She explores what this sector can teach us about issues ranging from inflation and technology to regulation and energy. She also shows that trucking, now as decades ago, remains one of the best leading indicators of broader U.S. economic health. Her insight about the trucking sector, along with other analysis, helps bolster our conviction to be overweight equities in client portfolios.


Quarterly Investment Perspective: Below Zero (April 2015)

April 2015

In this edition, Chief Investment Officer Rebecca Patterson dives deep into what has pulled global inflation and bond yields dramatically lower in recent months — in many cases below zero. Then, looking ahead, she discusses her team’s views on inflation and bond yields, as well as how one approaches asset allocation in a world where many traditional fixed income investments feel increasingly risky.


Quarterly Investment Perspective: What Really Matters in 2015 (December 2014)

December 2014

In this year-end edition, Chief Investment Officer Rebecca Patterson examines 2014 and summarizes what drove our performance during a volatile year for global markets. Then, looking ahead, she discusses what is likely to matter most for investors in 2015, particularly tighter U.S. monetary policy. She also evaluates several less broadly understood potential market catalysts, including greater public-sector stimulus in the U.S., election outcomes in Europe, and the spillover from a weakening Japanese yen.


Quarterly Investment Perspective: Sizing Up The Markets (October 2014)

October 2014

In this edition, Chief Investment Officer Rebecca Patterson discusses the role that size can play in the investment process. What does the health of different-sized companies reveal about the broader economy? When small-cap and large-cap companies perform differently, what can that tell us about our place in the market cycle? Is it better to invest with managers who have large or small amounts of capital at their disposal—and why is it relevant? Focusing particularly on the U.S., Ms. Patterson also examines how value can lie unnoticed on the smaller end of the spectrum for various asset classes and describes Bessemer's portfolio positioning in today's environment.